When you first meet Johan, you know instinctively that he’s a mensch. He must also be telepathic, as I have never had to explain more than the germ of an idea before he gets it completely. These qualities make him an ideal creative foil for any art director because, coupled with his unequalled eye for an image and his determination to achieve it no matter what discomfort or risk involved – whether balancing on a grain silo fifty meters in the air, or diving deep beneath the arctic ice – you know he will not lay down his camera until you are both satisfied.

Although Johan works all over the world he is based in Stockholm, and his studio is located in Solna. Initially acknowledged for his complex lighting setups and still-life photography, Johan is now  increasingly exploring art photography and portraits. “I love getting an assignment, listening to art direction. I try to quickly understand the idea and come up with a working strategy, and then just throw myself into the performance”. says Johan.

‘Team building and time for preparation are key. Remember to communicate your ideas, and have belief in the eye of the viewer.

Johan’s natural empathy enables him to connect with people, teasing out a great performance from even the most unpracticed subject, charming them as they relax and learn to unfold in front of the camera. From the deserts of Nevada to a studio shoot in Stockholm, from the streets of Shanghai to standing knee-deep in a river in Iceland, Johan has shown his photographic mettle time and time again. He’s an amazing photographer – both emotionally and technically – and an even more amazing friend.

Glen Smith,  Concept Developer